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So impressive and quite frankly unbelievable!

''A week later and we’re all still buzzing from Madeleine’s very special Neverland birthday party. I want to say a huge thank you to you. Tinker Bell brought a very special kind of magic to the party, I had tears in my eyes as the children recited ‘I do believe in fairies, I do’ whilst having fairy dust dabbed upon their little cheeks. The way you engaged the attention of 30 four and five year olds was so impressive and quite frankly unbelievable. They followed you around the garden like you were the Pied Piper himself, listening to your stories and playing your make believe games. Isn’t the imagination of a child something quite gorgeous. And how you knew everyone's name by the end of the 2 hours I just can’t get my head around. You blew us all away and I will recommend you to anyone and everyone. Madeleine keeps talking about her encounter with Tinker Bell, so you really did leave quite an impression. Thank you for taking so much care in making our little girl’s 5th birthday party so special''

Laura, Woking.


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