Why Us

Unique And Tailored To You

- Your choice of a theme and a character.
- I get to know what the birthday child likes and doesn't like and tailor that to the party.

Stress Free!

- We bring all the equipment: Music, a microphone, all the games, prizes, koalifications and a birthday gift.
- Easy booking Process.

New And Exciting Themes

- Help Elsa save the Polar bears and stop the ice melting or help Sparkle the Sea Princess save the ocean from plastic!
- New mission role play involving real life issues, hidden education!

Personal Touch 

-Our Birthday king or queen is of course super special so we give them a personalised gift.
- We offer Koalifications for every child.
- With a two hour party we include a personalised koalification signed by all their birthday guests!


Tel: 07917698303

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